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The Experimental Linguistics Laboratory of the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Warsaw (Experimental LingLab UW)  brings together researchers with  backgrounds in theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics and psychology who collaborate on interdisciplinary psycholinguistic research.

The Experimental LingLab UW works in close cooperation with the MultiLADA lab at the Faculty of Psychology UW and the AVT Lab at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics UW. We also cooperate with the Psychology of Language and Bilingualism Lab at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, colleagues from the Faculty of English at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, as well as various research groups abroad. Within the 4EU+ Alliance we are part of the N-PROM group (European Network for Psycholinguistic Research on Multilingualism and Multilingual Development) in cooperation with the HULC Lab in Heidelberg, Germany and the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

Head of the lab

Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic



I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Warsaw and I specialise in applied linguistics and language education. My research interests focus on child and adult bilingualism and multilingualism. I am especially interested in cross-linguistic influences in language acquisition and use, and the role of cross-linguistic similarity in learning words in a foreign language. Since 2014, I have received several grants from the national funding agencies (NPRH, NCN), which allowed me to establish a new research team specialising in language acquisition research. More

Current team members

Małgorzata Foryś-Nogala



I am an assistant professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw. I obtained my PhD at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw. My research interests focus on cross-linguistic influences in L2 and L3 acquisition, including: implicit and explicit learning of grammar, vocabulary acquisition, individual differences in language learning aptitude. I am also interested in various topics in educational psychology, including affectivity. Currently, I am a co-investigator in the project on cross-linguistic similarity in acquiring L3 vocabulary (National Science Centre, No. 2019/35/B/HS2/02236) and I leads my own project on miniature language learning in adulthood (National Science Centre, No. 2020/04/X/HS6/01277). More

Breno Barreto Silva



I obtained my PhD from the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Warsaw in 2021. My research interests focus on lexical learning, especially incidental lexical learning, through reading and writing. My main interest is on how tasks that are commonly used in the classroom facilitate lexical acquisition. As such, I prefer to conduct in-classroom quasi-experiments and incorporate some experimental techniques in the research design. I have received a grant from the National Science Centre (NCN) focused on exploring lexical learning via different types of writing tasks. More

Marcin Opacki



I  am a linguist and an assistant professor at the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Warsaw and a researcher here at the Experimental Linguistics Lab. My research interests are founded upon three pillars: theoretical linguistics (syntax and syntactic formalisms), natural language processing (corpus linguistics), and psycholinguistics (grammaticality judgements, cross-linguistic influence, bilingualism, and SLA). One can say that I am mainly interested in how linguistic knowledge and linguistic information can be represented through the use of descriptive grammars. I consider empirical research a crucial proving ground for linguistic theories. More

Karolina Mieszkowska



I obtained my MA at the English Studies at the Faculty of Modern Languages (University of Warsaw), and PhD in Social Sciences at the Faculty of Psychology (University of Warsaw). My research is focused on language development in bilingual children, in particular, their vocabulary development, but I am also involved in research on narrative skills of bilingual children. Currently, I am part of the MultiLADA research group at the Faculty of Psychology (UW) as a post-doc in one of the projects, but I also maintain close collaboration with the Experimental Linguistics Lab at the Faculty of Modern Languages (UW). More

Olga Broniś



I am an assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. My research is focused on the synchronic analysis of standard Italian. In particular, I am interested in phonetic and phonological adaptation of foreign words borrowed into Italian, and in other phonological issues related to cross-linguistic similarities and differences. I also take part in a team investigation on multilingualism and cross-linguistic influences in the acquisition of Italian as L3, supervised by prof. Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic. More

PhD students

Katarzyna Kutyłowska

Agata Ambroziak

Aleksandra Janczarska

Paulina Plichta


Past team members and PhD students

Ewa Zajbt

Dariusz Zembrzuski

Marek Krzemiński

Weronika Kobosko

Nikita Kudin